From A Post On Save Uk Justice 27.3.20 18.38

“The policy asks first whether it is necessary to hold an interview. It sets out circumstances where an interview is not required. Basically this can be summarise as where there is sufficient evidence to prove the case and the matter is a summary only one or a simple offence against the state, e.g. possession of weapons, drugs, public order, or drink or drug drive or shoplifting of any value or criminal damage under £5,000.

Where an interview is required i.e. the above does not apply then the pre interview briefing and client consultation should be conducted by telephone or video using the VC or consultation room. It will then be necessary to consider what form of interview is required; completely virtual where all parties dial into a Custody laptop with the OiC in the interview room recording the interview and the suspect on the VC room and the lawyer dialling in, or a partial interview OiC and suspect in interview room legal rep on laptop or all parties required to be physically present due to the severity of the situation. Where all people are present the OiC, AA, interpreter, solicitor are to be issued with the appropriate PPE, which means the same PPE for all”