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Police Station Representative Directory 

  • Q. Is it free to register as a police station representative?
    A. Yes! Entirely free. Provided you are a fully accreditted police station representaive or police station accreditted criminal solicitor you can register and be added to the policestationrepsuk database.
  • Q. Do you check out the qualifications of the police station representatives you hold on your database.
    Yes we do. We check all of the police station representatives who register on our police station representative directory againgst the Legal Aid Agencies register of Police Station Representatives. We also check with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Law Society as well as doing other checks which we cannot tell you about!
  • Q. Do you receive any payment for the site or publishing the directory of police station representatives online?
    No. We don't. In fact publlishing the site costs us money. We like to think however its a useful resource and would like to develop it in time so that there are more pages, We hope it will become one of the most accessed resources of the web for police station representatives and criminal solicitors.
  • Q. How to I become a police station representative?
    A. Please look at the Site Headers.
  • Q. Do you accept adverts?
    A. Yes we do and they are free. If you wish to post a free advert on our police station representative directory please email Provided they are decent, honest and truthful we will add them to the site at no charge.
  • Q. I would like to see a page on "x" topic?"
    A. We are always open for suggestions for topics. If you have an idea email us at and we will consider it.
  • Q. Can i publish my article on your pages?
    A. Provided it is something to do with police station representation in the UK and we feel it is useful please email it to and we will publish it.
  • Q. I have a criminal case. Can you help me with......?
    A. No. Sorry. Please consult a local criminal solicitor practice. We are not allowed to give legal advice and any posts asking for such advice will be deleted from our forums.
  • Q. I have been arrested by "x" Police force. Can you help me with?"
    A. Sadly not. We are nothing to do with the Police. We are not associated with them in any way. Please contact the police force direct or try 101.

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