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Police Station Representative Directory 

How to Become a police Station Representative

Qualifying as a police station Representative


(1) Register with a assessment organisation.

There are currently two providers at the time of writing authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as assessment organisations who administer the Police Station Representative Scheme

These are Data Law and The Cardiff Centre for Professional Legal Studies.

There are three assessments that need to be completed to become a fully accredited police station representative:

(a) Portfolio.

(b) Critical Incidents Test.

(c) The Written Exam.

All Assessments must be successfully completed within twelve months of registering as a probationary representative.s

Become accredited and then you can register on our police station representative directory.o

police station representativ directory

Portfolio - Part A

When you pass all  the items below you can then register on our police station representative directory.

This consists of 4 case reports of advice provided at the police station by a duty solicitor. The first two reports are you observing the advice given by the duty solicitor. The other two reports are you giving advice under the direct supervision of a duty solicitor. You must submit the Part A reports to a assessment organisation. Provided you have passed they will give you a form to register with the Criminal Defence Service and you can do work on a limited basis as a Probationary Representative for a maximum period of 12 months.

Portfolio – Part B

Part B must be completed before the end of your 12 month period as a Probationary Representative. It comprises five detailed reports of cases that you have conducted yourself at the police station. When you register with your assessment organisation they will give you details of what you need to cover in your portfolio to pass the assessment. Once you pass all the assessments you can register as a fully accredited representative on our police station representative directory.


Critical Incidents Test


This is a live role-play test, based on audiotapes of simulated police station interviews. You will be expected to offer advice and to obtain relevant information during the test.


Your responses are recorded and subsequently assessed.


Written Examination


You will be expected to pass a written examination in Criminal Law and Procedure.


Some groups are exempt i.e. barristers, fellows or members of the Institute of legal executives (Ilex) who have passed the criminal law and litigation papers, anyone who had successfully completed the Legal Practice Course.


The written examination assesses knowledge and understanding of basic criminal law in England and Wales, the law of evidence, police station procedures, the adviser's role and necessary skills.


Obtaining accreditation is not easy. Many people do not pass at the first attempt. You are strongly advised to take up the offer of relevant training courses for the above offered by assessment organisations.

As soon as you pass, please register on our police station representative directory.

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